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The McKenzie Clinic - Move Better With Fitness & Wellbeing Classes

Fitness & Wellbeing Classes

Balance Class

Our Balance Class incorporates exercises and movements that focus on coordination, stability, and core strength, aiming to improve participants' equalibrium, prevent falls, and improve overall balance by including activities like standing exercises, stability routines, and functional movements.

General Strength

Our General Strength classes are run by exercise physiologists or personal trainers and include a variety of exercises targeting different muscle groups using body weight, free weights, resistance bands, or other equipment to improve overall strength, muscle tone, and endurance. Our instructors guide your through form, safety and making sure you enjoy your workout.

Prostate Cancer Rehab

Our Prostate Cancer Rehab classes are suitable for men who have been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Assessment required by our Men's Health Physiotherapist Annette Bezear. Please contact The McKenzie Clinic reception for more information.

Strength & Mobility

Our Strength & Mobility Class focuses on enhancing flexibility, joint mobility, and range of motion through a series of controlled movements, stretches in addition to strength building activities. These sessions target different muscle groups using bodyweight, free weights, resistance bands, or other equipment to gently improve overall strength, muscle tone, and functional movement..

Thrivership Class

The Thrivership Breast Cancer recovery exercise classes are specifically designed programs for individuals during & post-treatment. These classes incorporate exercises, such as stretching, resistance training, and low-impact movements, aiming to aidin rebuilding strength, flexibility, and overall wellness after treatments. These classes are by instructors trained to work with cancer survivors.