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MOVE BETTER with the McKenzie Clinic

Exercise Physiology

At the McKenzie Clinic our dedicated & experienced Exercise Physiologists collaborate with clients to develop treatment plans that align with specific goals, leveraging movement, exercise, education, and motivation to address various conditions such as diabetes, obesity, mental health issues, musculoskeletal injuries, neurological conditions, and more.

Our Exercise Physiologists take a comprehensive approach by conducting detailed clinical and functional assessments, listening to clients' stories, and asking questions to guide the creation of suitable treatment plans. Treatment involves personalised movement and exercises programs to enhance capacity and function, encompassing aspects like strength, fitness, and balance. This tailored approach evolves over time, progressing alongside the client's journey while receiving education on health, injuries, and condition management.

Common approaches include;

  • Gym Program Prescription
  • Strength & Aerobic Conditioning
  • Exercise Rehabilitation Programming
  • Pre-Employment Screenings

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