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Sophy Stacy, The McKenzie Clinic

Sophy Stacy

Pilates Instructor
  • Fitness Instructor

Sophy is your dedicated Pilates guide. With a love for fitness and well-being that has grown over the last two decades, she is here to share her expertise and help you safely navigate the world of Pilates. Sophy's Pilates journey began with a commitment to a healthy lifestyle, but after witnessing how the Pilates Reformer helped her husband's rehabilitation journey after a bad fall, it sparked a passion that she's carried forward.

Having undergone training as an instructor, here, in the idyllic Sunshine Coast region, Sophy is a Certified level IV Mat Pilates and an Advanced Reformer Instructor. Pilates is more than just a workout; it's a journey for your body and mind. Sophy's goal is to make this journey enjoyable and effective for you, believing that every session should be a blend of challenge and fun, leading to a stronger, more balanced you.

Specialist Fields:

  • Fitness & Exercise