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Krystal Reynolds, The McKenzie Clinic

Krystal Reynolds

Personal Trainer
  • Fitness Instructor

With eight years of experience as a strength and conditioning coach, I specialise in rehabilitation to improve people's physical health. I understand the human body and its mechanics with a Strength and Conditioning Level 1 certification and nearing the end of my University Exercise Physiology Degree.

My approach blends expertise from years in the field with academic findings. My mission is to optimise performance and foster recovery by providing my clients with customised exercise programmes that build strength and overcome physical challenges. My experience overcoming a stroke gives me a unique perspective as a strength and conditioning coach.

Since I've experienced the struggles and triumphs of physical recovery, I'm passionate about rehabilitation. My recovery journey has shaped my approach, emphasising both strength and conditioning techniques and empathy and support in rehabilitation. Through my coaching and recovery experience, I help people overcome obstacles, rebuild strength, and rediscover their abilities after physical setbacks.

Specialist Fields:

  • Exercise Programming ,
  • Fitness & Exercise